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Adventure Time Crafts!

Adventure Time Crafts!

Lady Rainicorn with JakeI thought it would be nice to share my family’s Adventure Time projects. I got sucked into its arcane and occasionally terrifying world courtesy of my nine-year-old nephew Axel, who is a constant viewer of Cartoon Network’s afternoon programming. The other shows don’t appeal to me but I absolutely adore Adventure Time. It’s like the secret love child grandson of Terry Gilliam and T.H. White.

Since it’s one of the few cartoons that my nephews and I can agree on, everyone in the household are now fans. My sister has even learned to play the songs on her ukulele.

Of course, the kids have begged my sister to buy the action figures. But she was appalled by the price tags for the whole set, so she bought a ton of Sculpey clay and we made our own. Unfortunately, Lumpy Space Princess’s arms and the Ice King’s nose broke off before we remembered to take photos of all the figures together.

Since I have a weakness for penguins (everything’s better with penguins!) I made Gunter. I’m also proud of my Lady Rainicorn. It was difficult to shape her body while trying to keep the layers of colors clean.

For Axel’s birthday I surprised him with his own crocheted Finn hat. I followed this pattern. It’s a little too big for him, but he still wears it. Along with a backpack, he runs around the house playing Finn.

I also have an unfinished Jake hat in my crochet bag. When the weather turns cold again, maybe I’ll continue it. Crocheting with thick yarn while suffering from the summer heat just feels weird.

I thought about making Finn’s “like-like” sweater, but that would be too much effort for something none of my nephews would wear. Real little boys, it seems, can get cooties from touching the color pink.




Adventure Time and all its characters are the property of Pendleton Ward and Cartoon Network. No copyright infringement is intended. These homemade items were made for fun. They are not for sale.