A Few Lines from Regency Romances

A Few Lines from Regency Romances

A few lines I happened to highlight from various historical romances I’ve read in the past two months. I don’t usually highlight my books; I hate marks on bound copies. I blame my new Kindle for making this so easy.



Hypocrisy can never be agreeable to an elevated mind.

—from Loretta Chase’s Viscount Vagabond (1989)


…the ton would decide it was all her fault. For being pretty. For having a rich father. For sporting a low bodice. For breathing!

A convent in Italy was beginning to appeal.

—from Jo Beverly’s A Shocking Delight (2014)


Anger turned out to be an excellent antidote for lovesickness.

—from Carola Dunn’s Lavender Lady (1983)


But there weren’t enough orgasms in the world to give him relief from the want that coiled about him now.

—from Courtney Milan’s The Duchess War (2012)


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