Side Comments for the Week

Side Comments for the Week

1. I was beginning to feel like the last person in the Northern Hemisphere not to have seen The Dark Knight Rises, so I finally went out and caught it. I won’t bother commenting about it at length, seeing how everybody else has. I will admit, though, that Alfred almost made me cry.

2. Adam and I finished watching Fate/Zero last week. It’s vastly superior to the earlier series, Fate/Stay Night, in terms of visuals and plotting. Kiritsugu Emiya doesn’t get on my nerves as much as his son does, even if they have the same intentions. Saber is ten times more powerful in this prequel, and I can’t help but adore a woman fighting in full armor.

Even if I found it occasionally wanting, I still appreciate Fate/Stay Night  for giving me one of most memorable quotations in anime: “Extravagance is our enemy.”

Why I find this hilarious is a long, boring story.

3. So Peter Jackson just announced there will be a third Hobbit movie. I have mixed feelings about this. I was lucky enough to visit Matamata two years ago when they were rebuilding the Shire. What I saw there really rocked my little hobbit world. But a third movie?

I remember a time when they couldn’t even get the rights to The Hobbit sorted out and no one wanted to direct it. This current situation feels odd.

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  1. I really don’t like the fact that they’re splitting the Hobbit into three movies. Not enough material is in the novel to warrant so many films, and I already thought they were stretching it when it was announced that the Hobbit would be two movies. I mean, how many Bilbo x Gandalf sex scenes can they force into these movies?

    Extravagance truly is Saber’s enemy, too, when you think about it. Gilgamesh is one of the vainest, most arrogant villains ever created, and his basic attack involves him throwing away his extravagant wealth.

    The Dark Knight Rises was all good fun for me. However, I am dreading the inevitable reboot that Warner Bros. is going to make a few years from now. How can they top the Nolan trilogy? Few trilogies in the history of cinema have been as consistent as these three Batman movies.

    • Yeah, I’m not really keen on the idea either. The Hobbit is a short book, and I feel that stretching it out to two films is already asking too much. I don’t care to see any hobbit on wizard action!

      I’m not sure why Gilgamesh had such a crush on Saber. In his own mind, wouldn’t he be too good for anyone? Surely no one as great as he should condescend to accept anyone…

      I really hope Warner Bros. doesn’t go the reboot route, although that would be wishful thinking. If they attempt anything, I hope it will be something like a live-action Batman: the Brave and the Bold, which is campy and light. It will definitely turn off all the fans of the Nolan films, but it will delight the fans of the old TV show.

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