Galeano on Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Galeano on Gabriel Garcia Marquez

1928: Aracataca

Garcia Marquez

The roundup is on for the wounded and hiding strikers. They are hunted like rabbits, with broadsides from a moving train, and in the stations netted like fish.One hundred and twenty are captured in Aracataca in a single night. The soldiers awake the priest and grab the key to the cemetery. Trembling in his underwear, the priest listens at the shootings begin.

Not far away, a little boy bawls in his crib.

The years will pass and this child will real to the world the secrets of a region so attacked by the plague of forgetfulness that it lost the names of things. He will discover the documents that tell how the workers were shot in the plaza, and how Big Mamma is the owner of lives and haciendas and of the rain that has fallen and will fall, and how between the rain and rain Remedios the Beautiful goes to heaven, and in the air passes a little old plucked angel who is falling into a hen-house.

from Eduardo Galeano’s Century of the Wind (1998) 

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